Kamis, 15 Agustus 2013

Range of normal

E:  Daddy when people are blind are their eyes closed or open?

Me:  Well E, there's lots of different causes of blindness.  Some people have normal anatomy of the eyes, so the muscles around their eyes and eyelids work and they would open and close them just like you do; the eyeball or the nerves don't work so their eyes wouldn't transmit a signal to the brain.  So their eyes would be open, but they just wouldn't work properly.  Other people might have damage to the muscles and nerves that control the eyelids, so their eyelids might not open and close properly and they would be closed.

E:  Would those be the people, that like, spilled glue in their eyes?  So their eyelids are glued shut and wouldn't open and they couldn't see anything?

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