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Coca-Cola Diet Coke Cup Ornament

  • Kurt Adler item # CC2122
  • 2.75" resin diet coke cup ornament

List Price: $11.99
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Product Description

After a hectic day of Christmas shopping for friends and family, sometimes it helps to sit down and unwind with a tall Diet Coke. Hang this Coca-Cola Diet Coke Cup Ornament on your Christmas tree and you'll get that same refreshing feeling every time you look at it. Made of resin and standing 2.75" tall, this fun and whimsical ornament will become another favorite in your collection of Kurt Adler ornaments. The familiar Diet Coke slogan is on the side of the cup which is filled with ice, the cold beverage, and a crumpled straw. Take a sip of your real Diet Coke and take a moment to relax and enjoy watching this ornament dangle on your tree.

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