Senin, 24 Juni 2013


E [is very excited.  He has built an ant trap out of paper and a shoebox-sized plastic bin (complete with a paper ramp for the ants to "walk up" and into his trap), and for nearly an hour has been collecting ants in the back yard by luring them onto a strawberry slice and then shifting them, no doubt unawares, into his trap, where he intends to keep them forever.  It has not occurred to him that there is no lid on the trap; presumably he thinks they will like his artificial grass made of construction paper, and decide to stay.  Ben happily helps him in the endeavour and they have been fishing ants off the concrete together, in an extended moment of brotherly peacetime.]:  "Daddy, look, I caught 6 ants and Ben caught 3."  [His eyes light up as he realizes something very profound--there is more to this, much more, and it's dawning on him.  It's funny too.  He starts to laugh as he delights himself].  "Guess what Daddy--that's a huge cod-incidence.  I caught 6, and I'm 6 (!!!!), and Ben caught 3 and [wait for it], he's 3!!!!


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